I've never done Yoga before... I am not sure if it's for me

The practice of yoga is often perceived as a physical activity that serves to relax and stretch the body. Although these aspects are true, yoga is much more than that. The practice of yoga is an art that creates a union between the body, the heart, mind and spirit. It is also to live in harmony with ourselves and with a larger-than-life entity. The postures (called "asanas") are indeed the best-known aspects of yoga. Their daily practice brings strength, balance and flexibility. But on a deeper level, the challenge of yoga is the exploration and control of emotions, which is accessible to all.

Benefits of practicing in a small studio

Our studio is not very big. We wanted to create a warm and friendly space, where everyone would feel at home. In our experience, students feel more comfortable and progress much faster when they practice within a smaller group!

Meet out team! (By clicking on their picture, you will have a small biography of each one)

Each one of them has an outstanding expertise as a yoga teacher, having their certification granted with success. They all bring their own little touche to the team, and you will most likely love them all as soon as you meet them! They will be the best to guide you though this wonderful discipline, whatever level you are in!